Ideas come all the time! Success or failure are the outcomes with no gray area. Sometimes I get an idea at mid-day and sometimes I get an idea at midnight. I’ll take walks with my iPod to generate ideas on how to make ideas successful. Sometimes I will go to Barnes and Noble and read magazines or just observe people. There is no wrong or right answer to how we generate ideas, but there is always a beginning point to the generation of that idea. Was it from a prior success or a prior failure?

We can generate divergent or convergent ideas- see – Divergent is the generation of a mass number of ideas or possibilities whereas convergent is a single-high quality output or right answer. I think there is a combination of both divergent and convergent with our society today. We think of all the possibilites of an idea, which can stem into other ideas, and once we move forward with an idea we end up settling on one or two main points.

Lately, it seems my mind is starting to open to more ideas about so many subjects in life. Music, business, religion, relationships, social networking, science, philosophy, etc. Information now is widely available every where we go! Tonight I did a little contemplating without anything but classical music. I generated ideas through those simple means as well!

I like learning about new things lately and I hope some of these ideas I’m trying to make successful will bring on new perspectives and open my mind up to a whole new world.