I figured after my last post, I would share something a little more crazy and positive. Since I have some friends in Utah as well as friends who are from California and volunteer at Sundance Film Festival every year. A few years back I had quite the experience in Park City, Utah. I had never been to Sundance and at the time I was that person who was always starstruck by celebrities. So I traveled down to Utah for the night and met up with some friends from Provo. We just wanted to go up and see if we could meet any cool celebrities or check out a fun concert. Little did I know that this night would provide me with a world of opportunities the next summer.

As we left the concert, which I believe was Brazilian Girls (lame), we started to walk up the street towards some of the clubs in Park City. As we were walking by what would be known as Harry O’s, there were like 8-10 girls getting out of a limo and walking up to a line for this club! So I decided to break away from my friends and see if I could sneak in to this place. The security guard had this list with this group on it, checked them in, and then here I come. He says, “Are you with this group?” I said, “Of course!” So he sent me in and they gave me this special necklace that lit up! LEGIT! As I walked through the club and went straight for the dancefloor to show some skills. I got the crowd going! I knew if I was to meet anyone it would be to get the party rolling!

I got to the main room and saw there was a familiar artist playing. Some chick that was a one hit wonder on the radio the year before. Then they announced that Ben Folds was coming on next. I thought man this is DOPE! I had just got into Ben Folds and was all excited! They started playing some music after the chick was done, and I started rocking the dance floor. Then they played, “Motownphilly” by Boyz 2 Men and I jumped on stage and started just dancing around. Security then came and snagged me, but didn’t kick me off. I met a few older people after that and joked around a little. I watched Ben Folds play for a bit then my friends called to say they were thinking about heading out! As I walked out the door, I stopped and talked to a lady running the red carpet pictures. She told me she worked for a PR company called BNC in West Hollywood. I mentioned to her I was a PR student looking for an internship the next summer. She told me to email her my resume and she would help try to get in the door.

Well the night ended there and I met a few actors and actresses, but nobody really famous! It was a big risk and a fun time. Seeing Ben Folds play was awesome. Later on in April, I was able to contact the lady from BNC and I ended up getting an interview with them. Then in May 2006, I got an internship with BNC PR out of West Hollywood. The experiences I had that summer as well as other experiences from that time forth were shaped only because I took the risk of sneaking into that party at Sundance. I got to live 10 minutes from Venice Beach. I went to a Justin Timberlake show for free and met Will.I.Am. I was about 20 feet from Justin Timberlake at a cd release party! I worked an awesome internship! I was on an MTV Talent Show. I hit some clubs in LA! There is so much that happened by these experiences and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.