Change the words to this song to Miss by Natasha Bedingfield – Soulmate:

In my quest to find a love, a relationship, the woman who makes me feel alive and I do the same for, I’m just wondering WHAT THE HECK! I’m almost 28 now and its been about 2 years since anything close to a girlfriend. Yes, I go crazy at times and there have been random hookups in search of finding someone I can connect with. I have never been a player, I never want to hurt anyone, I always try to make the most of any experience. I don’t really have a list, yet there are certain things that attract me and that I really need in a relationship. I’m not going to settle, and when I ask a lady out I want to have a chance.

I honestly have so much to offer and am willing to learn more about relationships. Everything in my life except for a few things is in order. I almost have my MBA, I am in great shape, I love dancing, I am passionate, I am funny, I love to learn new things, I love my religion and am doing everything I can to get back to the holy temple.Yes I know that is a HUGE need and want for LDS ladies, well you know what I’m working really hard and its the number one priority in my life right now!

Sometimes I just want a chance at a lady I take a chance on asking out. I’ve done ldslinkup/ ldsplanet and nothing has even come from that. I’ve given myself the goal to go on one date per week, and talking to someone I would like to know better. There have been ladies I have asked out here in Arizona and other places I’ve resided, who have just given me the runaround. I’m this really cool guy at parties and they have fun with me, but when it comes to going out the tables turn! If ladies really knew the real Clayton, they would see how easy I am to talk too, how I love to have deep conversations, and that I’m not all about being crazy at a party! I feel very balanced in my life!

Chivalry is not dead and I truly believe in being a gentleman! I’m not one of those people that just hate the opposite sex and we ALL have a friend that complains all the time about not dating. I don’t complain very much about it, because I’m act and not be acted upon type of person, but sometimes I just really question myself. Is it me? Is it her? What do I need to do better in my life? Am I just the friend or the nice guy? Who knows exactly what the final answer is, but I will keep trying until I find her!

Theres no reason to blame todays world for dating, relationships, and so forth. We are, at the end of the day, the ones who choose our own destiny. It helps to be able to get these feelings out and try to understand myself a little more. If you have any words of wisdom cool! More to come on this dating ishhhhhhhhh