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Danny Carpenter – – called me up yesterday and needed some motivational words for the days events. As I searched the Internet for some inspirational words, Carp asked me to search a quote by Mark Twain about getting going and we came upon this quote: “Fortune knocks at every man’s door once in a life, but in a good many cases the man is in the neighbouring saloon and does not hear her.” And this: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, then starting on the first one.” Both EPIC quotes by our good man Mark Twain! The first one hit Carp pretty dang hard over the phone and the second struck accord with me!

The last few months have dealt some interesting cards for this individual! Losing my grandmother, which had been a little unexpected, and coming back to Phoenix from Thanksgiving and her funeral service, I went to work on Monday and got laid off at University of Phoenix. Yeah it was a very emotional week but I’ve got so much support from the heavens, family, and friends. I take every experience as a challenge to grow and learn something positive. Work ethic is something that has come to mind as I have had a lot of time to think.

The NFL Playoffs are here and as I was listening to sports radio this morning it got me thinking about the work ethic of football players! There is NO other sport as aggressive and rigorous as the NFL! To play 18+ games in a season for 60 minutes in helmet, cleats, and pads going back and forth exerting all your body strength, its making me tired right now! The off-season work outs these guys go through to prepare for the season is considered borderline INSANE! Think about the matchup of one Darren Sproles, San Diego Chargers Running Back, who’s height is 5-6″ and weighs 190lbs running towards Oakland Raiders Defensive End, Richard Seymour who is 6-6″ and weighs 310lbs. THATS CRAZY! These players, no matter if you like them or not, play for 60 minutes with blood, sweat, and tears! The kind of work ethic you have to put yourself through as an NFL Player must be very challenging and I’d imagine would be very strict.

Here’s a great article by Sign On San Diego about former SD Charger, Antonio Cromartie’s off-season workout:

You may take a nap now after reading that article! So what does this all mean? Well where do you work? From home, at an office, or do you travel? Whats your routine? What kind of work ethic do you have? For me its very difficult to stay on a strict work ethic routine. I find myself, when trying to do school work or lock down sponsors for an event, in ADD mode looking at stuff on the Internet like Facebook or watching NetFlix, so I have to really lock down my composure and write my goals down. Keeping a white dry erase board in front of me or writing my to do’s and goals on a sheet of paper can help me accomplish the things I need to accomplish. Getting adequate exercise is another story!

We’ll revisit more of this later. set goals. work hard. play harder. be motivated. crush it.

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