So there are two things that really inspire me outside of dance and allow me to express more of my emotions and moods. No one would ever gather from knowing me that I really love one and the other I think some people could gather that I like to do it.

1. Photography











































I find that I can escape any type of stress or impatience by driving til I see something creative. Stop! Grab the Camera! Ipod and headphones tuned in! Then shoot! Like I said, its my escape! I’m not that good, but I hope to do more.

2. Songwriting. I have been songwriting ever since high school. I have always been so fond of music since I was a kid. This is because being the baby in the family with brothers and sisters well older than me, gave me a great ear for all kinds of music. Specifically the Jacksons, Bobby Brown, Madonna, Temptations, Stevie Wonder and more. In high school I listened to a lot of pop music and tried to just write songs about the girl I always wanted but could never get. As I grew older my songs became more about what I was feeling, my passion for dancing, heartbreaks, and loves of my life. I kept at it and found in college when I wrote most of my songs. Those songs that came to me were usually between 12am and 5am, what the heck! haha really?! It just so happens thats when I can flow really good!

You can check out some of my music and you can click here to listen to my first ever recorded song- Back On Your Word– I still write to this day and it allows me to get out the feelings, moods, emotions I am feeling or experiences I can see from family, friends, or total strangers. Songwriting is yours, so dont ever think since you dont have that hit song its nothing special. Because thats YOUR HISTORY!


Clayton C-Bass Ashcraft

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