Hello WordPress World! Looking to create a blog about some of my ideas on life, my religion, business, photography, dance, and other subjects that interest me. It’s interesting to think how much blogs and vlogs are important to branding one’s self even companies. In 2011, I look to create more of my personal brand by being able to link up all my social networking sites including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other sites.

My hope also is that I can create some type of inspiration into others who have passions for whatever may bring positive influences in this world. We are all here on this earth as brothers and sisters of our Heavenly Father, and we need to start treating each other with more love and concern. In my life I have been blessed with such great family, friends, and others I have come into contact. In each of these experiences, I have been able to add something to my life to progress it further. All my experiences, I believe, have been at a certain time for the right reason and who knows the truth of it all.

Please as you view my blog and possibly comment on my posts, BE respectful, no cursing or foul language; if you have a differing opinion be respectful ( I am always open to new ideas); please stay positive, there is no reason to make this world a tougher place. Thank you again and lets make this year better than the last.


Clayton C-Bass Ashcraft